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5 fun easy children's gardening activities to do this Easter...

cress heads kids gardening activity

1. Egg cress heads

Such a fun way to experience the joy of growing their own quickly. Cress is one of the quickest growing plants.  Take some empty half egg shells, clean them carefully and get your children to draw faces on them.  Fill almost to the top with some compost, place a few cress seeds (around half a teaspoon) directly onto the compost.  Cover with a very thin layer of compost and water lightly. You should start to see your seeds sprouting within a few days and often in as little as 24 hours. Keep the soil moist with water, but not soaked. After seven days, the cress will usually have grown at least three centimetres tall and be ready to harvest.


2. Make a time lapse video of your cress growing

Ensure the cress egg shells or any pot you're using stays in exactly the same position.  Using a tripod or a fixed spot for your phone/camera, take 3 photos throughout the day for a week. Upload the photos to your computer using the easy to use Video editor inbuilt on most PCs, stitch these together and play back to watch your own time lapse seeds germinating!


3. Easy growing vegetable seeds to sow in April

April really is a great month to start sowing and planting, some quick, easy growing vegetables children may enjoy growing are:

-strawberry plants






4. Make some homemade perfume

Collect fallen flower petals (roses are great) in a bowl, add ½ cup of vodka (parents supervision required) and let it sit for 24 hours, mush the petals and add 3 cups of water. Let the mixture rest for 7 days, mashing every day. Drain the petals and place in a spritzer bottle for their own perfume. 


5. Learn the parts of a plant and label/colour in this activity sheet (Primary curriculum - Foundation stage/Key Stage 1)

Let the kids pick some fallen flower heads – open flowers like poppies are great to be able to see each part. Using the following example, ask your child to draw their own flower and label their own flower parts using this example diagram.


We would love to see if you've tried any of these activities - 

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free kids gardening activity, label a plant worksheet

"Gardening covers so many parts of the curriculum, maths, science, art, physical exercise and very importantly, team work. It is the perfect vehicle for hands on learning."

 Chris Collins, Lead Ambassador National Children’s Gardening Week

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